Australian Aboriginal Studies

Latest issue on songs and song language.


Musical and linguistic perspectives on Aboriginal song
Allan Marett and Linda Barwick

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Iwaidja Jurtbirrk songs: Bringing language and music together
Linda Barwick, Bruce Birch, Nicholas Evans

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Morrdjdjanjno ngan-marnbom story nakka, ‘songs that turn me into a story teller’: The morrdjdjanjno of western Arnhem Land
Murray Garde

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Sung and spoken: An analysis of two different versions of a Kun-barlang love song
Isabel O’Keeffe (nee Bickerdike)

abstract 46

Simplifying musical practice in order to enhance local identity: Rhythmic modes in the Walakandha wangga (Wadeye, Northern Territory)
Allan Marett

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‘Too long, that wangga’: Analysing wangga texts over time
Lysbeth Ford

abstract 76

Flesh with country: Juxtaposition and minimal contrast in the construction and melodic treatment of jadmi song texts
Sally Treloyn

abstract 90

The poetics of central Australian Aboriginal song
Myfany Turpin

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Budutthun ratja wiyinymirri: Formal flexibility in the Yolŋu manikay tradition and the challenge of recording a complete repertoire
Aaron Corn with Neparrŋ a Gumbula

abstract 116

Australian Aboriginal song language: So many questions, so little to work with
Michael Walsh

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