Experimental linguistics in the field


From Sonja Eisenbeiss, University of Essex.

We have recently created a resource website for “Experimental Linguistics in the Field”, with links, readings, teaching and stimulus materials. http://experimentalfieldlinguistics.wordpress.com/
The site is primarily aimed at fieldworkers who want to do experiments and psycholinguists who want to go beyond the lab. However, some things might be helpful for others as well (e.g. links and tutorials for reaction-time and multimedia software, equipment, stimulus databases, picture materials, ethics guidelines and blogs, etc.).
Any relevant links, publications or other materials for the website would be greatly appreciated, in particular tutorials for useful free software (multimedia, reaction-time measurements, stats, etc.) or hardware DIY (you can already find instructions for building push-button response devices and windmuffs for microphones…).
We are also currently creating a list of relevant twitter accounts and blogs and would appreciate suggestions.
Please spread the word to colleagues and students who might find this helpful or might want to have their publications, resources, twitter accounts, blogs, etc. linked.