Language and History

The next two upcoming issues of Language and History contain papers about the history of work on Aboriginal languages.



        William B. McGregor




Waiting for Biraban: Lancelot Threlkeld and the ‘Chibcha phenomenon’ in Australian missionary linguistics
        Jim Wafer & Hilary M. Carey

George Augustus Robinson and the documentation of languages of south-eastern New South Wales

        Harold Koch

On the margins of Pacific Linguistics: P.A. Lanyon-Orgill

        Ross Clark


Two further papers were to have appeared in this issue, but for logistic reasons have been held off until the next issue, 55/1:


Daisy Bates’ documentations of Kimberley languages
        William B. McGregor

Gaps, transitions, adjoining, embedding: Kenneth Hale on the reanalysis and grammaticalization of the relative clause

        Sylvia Anne Mackie