Archive for Endangered Language work

[from the ILAT list]Studies on Endangered Languages (SEL): A new open archive for linguistic research

Call: We would like to announce a new open archive for unpublished, in-progress and in-press work on endangered languages: Studies on Endangered Languages. SEL will be integrated as a topic page on Lingbuzz ( To get the site going, we need a minimum critical mass of about 20 studies. If you have work you would like to make available, please send it (or a link to it) to Chris Collins ( or Daniel Kaufman (, and we will post it when we have the critical mass.

Description: The inspiration for this archive is Lingbuzz, a thriving repository of papers on theoretical linguistics. We would like the SEL archive to serve as a repository of electronic grammars, dictionaries, and papers (including scans) on endangered languages.

As there is no precise definition of  “endangered language” – even very large languages can be considered endangered if their speaker population is rapidly decreasing – we extend the scope of this archive to include studies on under-researched languages as well.

The papers can be descriptively or theoretically oriented. For the more descriptive papers, the description and keywords that are posted on Lingbuzz (see below) should try to convey notable typological features or points of potential wider interest in the data. One of the goals of the project is to try to integrate data on endangered and under-researched languages into work being done in the theoretical linguistics community.

Papers will not be reviewed. For an overview of Lingbuzz policies, see:

As with Lingbuzz, each paper will appear with the following information:

Name of Author
Date of Submission
(one or two paragraphs)
Place of publication
(if there exists a published version)
(one of the key words for all SEL papers will be “Endangered Languages”)
Previous version dates
Number of times downloaded