Diachronic and Synchronic analyses

William McGregor: Indexicals as sources of case markers in Australian languages: in

Interdependence of Diachronic and Synchronic Analyses

Edited by Folke Josephson and Ingmar Söhrman

University of Gothenburg
2008. viii, 350 pp.
978 90 272 0570 4 / EUR 110.00 / USD 165.00

The focus of this volume is the interdependence of diachrony and synchrony in the investigation of syntactic structure. A diverse set of modern and ancient languages is investigated from this perspective, including Hittite, the Classical languages, Old Norse, Coptic, Bantu languages, Australian languages and Creoles. A variety of topics are covered, including TAM, diathesis, valency, case marking, cliticization, and grammaticalization. This volume should be of interest to

syntacticians, typologists, and historical linguists with an interest in syntax and morphology.