Language of the Hunter River and Lake Macquarie

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Book description (from Linguistlist posting:)

This grammar and wordlist is a valuable language revitalization tool for Aboriginal people of the Hunter River and Lake Macquarie Region of New South Wales. It will appeal to anyone who is interested in the Aboriginal Languages of Australia. It is primarily based on the work of the Reverend Lancelot Threlkeld, who, in the first half of the nineteenth century, wrote a comprehensive account of the language taught to him by Biraban. The evidence from archival sources suggests that the language described by Threlkeld as ‘The language of the Hunter River and Lake Macquarie’ was spoken by people now known as Awabakal, Kuringgai, Wonnarua, and perhaps Geawegal. Amanda Lissarrague presents a clear and succinct interpretation of the phonology and grammar of the language in terms that are accessible to both the layman and the specialist. This work also contains a vocabulary written in a practical spelling system, and a database of example sentences. Muurrbay is a nonprofit Aboriginal organization that supports the coastal languages of northern and central N.S.W. through its auspicing of the Many Rivers Aboriginal Language Centre. The grammar is © Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation. Please email enquiries to