Australian Journal of Linguistics

Volume 26/1 of AJL is devoted to issues in Australian languages.

Table of contents:

Spearing the Emu Drinking: Subordination and the Adjoined Relative Clause in Wambaya*
pp. 5-29(25)
Author: Nordlinger, Rachel

Who Said Polysynthetic Languages Avoid Subordination? Multiple Subordination Strategies in Dalabon*
pp. 31-58(28)
Author: Evans, Nicholas

The Nature of Irreality in the Past Domain: Evidence from Past Intentional Constructions in Australian Languages*
pp. 59-79(21)
Author: Verstraete, Jean-Christophe

Case Marking Strategies in Subordinate Clauses in Pilbara Languages—Some Diachronic Speculations*
pp. 81-105(25)
Author: Dench, Alan

Grammaticalization of Demonstratives as Subordinate Complementizers in Ngumpin-Yapa*
pp. 107-137(31)
Author: McConvell, Patrick

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