Forensic Linguistics

Includes several articles of both general interest to those interested in Native Title and legal issues as well as 2 articles specifically about Australian languages.

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Michael Cooke, Diana Eades and Sandra Hale

The gum syndrome: predicaments in court interpreting
Ruth Morris

The impact of court interpreting on the coerciveness of leading questions
Susan Berk-Seligson

Interpreters’ treatment of discourse markers in courtroom questions
Sandra Hale

Questioning in interpreted testimony
Azucena C. Rigney

Bilingual legal interpreter education
Virginia Benmaman

The right to interpreting and translation services in New Zealand courts
Chris Lane, Katherine McKenzie-Bridle and Lucille Curtis

Redressing the imbalance: Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system
Dean Mildren

Interpreting for the transcript: problems in recording Aboriginal land claim proceedings in northern Australia
Michael Walsh