SOAS HRELP seminars

Just to let you know that the list of SOAS Linguistic Department/ELAP seminars for term 1 is now confirmed. All will run on Tuesdays from 5.15-7pm in Room B102, Brunei Gallery, SOAS (unless otherwise stated).

27th September 2005 *Room L67*
“The Goals and Predictions of a Processing Typology of Languages”
John A. Hawkins, Cambridge University

4th October 2005
“Polysynthesis and information structure in Kiowa “(with Daniel Harbour)
Dr David Adger, Queen Mary College

11th October 2005
“Evidence in Phonology”
Prof Moira Yip, UCL

25th October 2005
“Adverbs in Lakota”
Prof Bruce Ingham, SOAS

1st November 2005
“Syntax of natural and accidental coordination: Evidence from agreement”
Irina Nikolaeva, Oxford University

22nd November 2005
“The ‘goe’ in Goemai – the development of modifiers in a Chadic language”
Dr Birgit Hellwig, SOAS

29th November 2005
“Endangered numerals”
Prof Bernard Comrie, MPI Leipzig, Germany

6th December 2005
“An unusual typological mode for handling countability in Mira�a (North West Amazon)”
Dr Frank Seifart, Ruhr University, Bochum

13th December 2005
“Aspect in Salish” Leora Bar-el, SOAS

Further details and abstracts are available at:

You may also be interested in the following seminar run by the Centre for South-East Asian Studies here at SOAS:

5pm Thurs 29 Sept Room G50
“Indonesian migrations to Madagascar from an interdisciplinary perspective”
Dr Sander Adelaar (University of Melbourne)