Endangered language videos

(cross-posted from Nicholas Ostler’s post to the Endangered Language Mailing List)

There is substantial section on language endangerment and revitalization
(25% of the whole), paradoxically, in the UK Foreign & Commonwealth
Office’s video (London Television Service for In f o n a t i o n).
It is now available as a 2 DVD set.
Infonation is at FCO, Room K557, King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH
(Tel. +44-20 7270 067).
It is reviewed at: “Ron Blythe, /*Beyond Babel: English on the World
Stage*/. 2 DVD set. Infonation, 2002.” /English World-Wide /24,2 (2003),

There are also:

Finding our Talk- Parler pour Survivre
a journey into Aboriginal Languages
13 part series in Mohawk with Cree, English and French versions
Produced by Mushkeg Media Inc., in assoc. with APTN (The aboriginal
People’s TV Network)
103 Vileneuve St. W, Montreal, Qc H2T 2R6 Canada
+1-514-279-3507 mushkeg@videotron.ca

Tupe – a forgotten village in the Andes
(features the Jaqaru language) 25 mins. (c) 2002/KFTV
Stef de Haan, Casper Haspels, Jos Kuijer
Kuijer Film- & TV Produkties
Singel 272, 1016 AC Amsterdam
+31-20-624-0181 kftv@nbf.nl

So They Can Know
Kimberley Language Resource Centre – Language Nests
(features Bunuba, Gooniyandi, Kija langs.) 11.40 mins (c) 1997 KLRC
PMB 11 Halls Creek WA 6770 Australia
+61-8-9168-6005 klrchc@pegasus.oz.au

The voice of the land is in our languages
(features Micmac, Mohawk, Ojibwe, Anishnabec, Sauteaux, Northern Cree,
Plains Cree, Chipewyan, Secwepemc, Siksika, South. Tutchone)
The Education Secretariat,
The Assembly of First Nations
1 Nicholas St., Suite 1002
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B7

The Last Word B-15027-2003
features Lacandon, Mayo and Popoluca of Mexico)
(c) Milana Bonita 2003
Directed by Grau Serra